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1.How much will it cost for Energy Save to carry out a survey and evaluate our needs?

NOTHING!!  We  will come to your premises and perform a survey and initial evaluation FREE OF CHARGE. We will give you an estimate of potential energy savings and our recommendations to optimise those savings. This will give you and Energy Save the ability to determine if our systems are right for you. If so, we will then determine which system/s is best suited to your project and complete a detailed engineering design and proposal of the most suitable technology.

We will then give you estimates of your potential guaranteed savings and the cost of purchasing and installing our systems. That cost will depend entirely on your facility and the data we collect during our free survey.

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2.How much will a new Energy Save energy saving system cost?

This question is impossible to answer until after we have carried out a survey of your premises and assessed your needs and the most appropriate system/s for you. The cost will depend on the type of lighting, appliances, machinery and other equipment you operate at your premises and their number, your light circuits and the number of lights.

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3.How long is the pay-back period?

The pay-back will come from the savings you will make on your current energy bills. The time it takes will depend on the project size, the amount invested against your current energy bills. In some projects, the pay-back period could be about 12 to18 months while in others 2 to 3 years is a typical pay-back period.

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4.Are there various options to finance our project?

YES!!  We will discuss the cost of the project with you and advise you on the options open to you to finance the project. You may also be eligible for government interest free loans which we will advise on and be happy to handle your application on your behalf.

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5.Who will own the system/s?

Once you pay us the cost of supplying and installing our system/s, it/they become/s your own property.

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6.Are your systems bulky and do I need to make extra space for them?

NO!! We supply our systems contained in small boxes which we normally find a space for where your circuit board is located to fit neatly and hardly being noticeable. In large sites, we may need to stack up more than one box or supply one larger box. The largest capacity box is of a size similar to that of an office filing cabinet.

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7.Are your systems noisy and do they cause any disturbance?

NO!! All our systems are silent in nature and do not produce any noise or cause any disturbance. They work silently saving you money and reducing your carbon foot print without you even noticing them.

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8.What is the downtime required to complete your installation?

MINIMAL. Our installation is quick and we endeavour to complete it in a very short time and we only need a short downtime to connect our systems to your mains power supply. We can complete that stage outside your normal working hours should you prefer so that your business is not affected by any downtime at all.

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9.What is the effect of your technology on my appliances, machinery, electronics and other equipment?

NONE. Our systems will not harm your appliances, machinery, electronics and other equipment. Rather, they enhance their operation and, extend their life and reduce maintenance and replacement cost to you.

Our systems are designed to control outage to give your lights, equipment, appliances, electronics and other equipment a constant stable stream of the energy they require to operate properly.  This would ensure that they would run smoothly as well as reducing power surges and the stresses on them and therefore improving their performance and extending the life of their components. This would reduce the maintenance they may require and extend their life which represents an additional saving for you.

Our systems have been proven to extend the life of lighting lamps and bulbs by up to 25% and other equipment by up to 20%.

We also supply our systems with bypass switches to allow you to bypass them should that be needed for any reason.

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10. How much energy do your systems consume and require to operate?    

 Negligible, each box would consume normally no more than a single light bulb would.

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11. How reliable your systems are and what do you offer?

YES, they are extremely reliable. Our manufacturers estimate our systems life expectancy to be in the region of 30+ years.

We are in fact so confident in our systems that we give a 5 year full warranty on all our systems which include parts, labour and replacement as long as you adhere to the Warranty Terms & Conditions. We are not aware of any business that offers such warranty to any systems of this nature.

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12.What are the lifecycle costs for this system and do I need a maintenance contract?

NONE, our systems are passive in nature and require no additional input from you, training or maintenance to operate.

We also give you 5 YEARS FULL WARRANTY which include parts, labour and replacement at no additional cost to you and  without the need for a maintenance contract.

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13. In what types of industries have you installed your energy savings systems or are suitable for?

Almost all types and anywhere electric energy is required to operate lighting, appliances, machinery, electronics and other equipment from Offices, , Hotels, Large Industrial, Small Industrial, Public Works, Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Distribution and Commercial buildings, Outdoor Lightings, etc

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14.How is Energy Save different from other energy cost saving companies?

   ~We are first and foremost an energy saving business.

   ~We advise, design, supply and install guaranteed energy savings systems.

   ~We guarantee our estimated savings. If our systems do not achieve the level of savings we estimated for you and you are dissatisfied, we would remove our systems and give you a full refund if that is what you desire.

   ~We fully guarantee our systems for 5 years as long as you meet the Warranty Terms & Conditions.

   ~We are not locked into a particular technology. If your site demands a special design then we will have the most suitable system made especially for you.

   ~ We continuously research ways to increase energy savings and helping the environment whether by improvement to our systems or introducing new technologies. Should we introduce any improvement to our current systems, produce an improved version or a better technology to the one you have which provide better performance and savings, we will offer you an up-grade at what it cost us.

   ~We take a 'full system approach' to all your energy needs, and will only fit systems, that maximize your savings while lowering your carbon foot print and your cost.

   ~Our systems do not require any training or any extra work load from you to operate, monitor or maintain them; we do all that for you.

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15.How do you prove that your systems are savings money?

Measurement and verification is the most important engineering work that we conduct. If we could not prove that we are saving you money we would go out of business. We work closely with our customers to establish a measurement and verification protocol for your premises. If our systems do not make our estimated savings, we will remove them and refund you all your money.

Our measurements comply with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol IPMVP. The IPMVP was established by a network of energy professionals and national organizations from over 25 countries for the purpose of standardising the way energy conservation projects are measured and verified. Energy Save will not move forward with an installation project unless there is a clear understanding and agreement to our method for measurement and verification.


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16.Are your energy savings systems and the services you provide legal?

YES, we follow and conform to all national and international standards on equipment and installation practices and all UK and European laws and regulations.

Naturally, do not expect your power supplier to recommend us or encourage you to use our services or that of any other company in our line of business. We lower the energy you consume which means less revenue for them and they would no longer make as much money from you if you install our systems. Obviously, power companies may not have a good word to say about us, which is common sense when we cause a reduction in their revenue, but all our approaches are legal and effective in saving you money. Your power company may try to put you off using our systems or even offer you what they call alternatives like reducing your voltage at source, off course at a cost. Even if you chose to pay them extra to reduce your voltage by them, our system would still work and still give you the same savings in addition to theirs.

17.We have a co-generation system on site. Can you still lower our energy costs?

Yes, our technology improves the efficiency of your distribution system and thus would allow you to use less electricity from the power company or allow you to sell more back to them instead.

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18.How does your technology compare to your competitors? 

Actually our AES technology is unique to us in the UK but there are other companies who offer alternative methods and technologies like reducing your voltage at source or at the entry point to your premises. Our technology would still work with such methods and still give you savings in addition to what they can do for you. In another words, there is no need for you to use other much costlier technology when ours can do all that for you at much lower cost and with excellent service and unique warranty and savings guarantee.  

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