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Energy Consultancy Service


We provide expert advice on the best ways to save energy and reduce carbon emissions and the most suitable product/s to meet your energy saving needs.


We also provide a free, no obligation survey of your site or residence and advise you on the best type of lighting to minimise your energy usage and optimise your saving and carbon emission reduction.


We also work with architects and designers, to advise them on the most energy efficient installations, for new sites, or the re-development of an existing site and the best equipment suitable for those sites, to optimise savings.




Product Supply & Installation

Whatever your electrical energy saving needs, we either stock the most suitable product to meet those needs, or we can source out the best solution suitable for you.  No matter how small or large your site or project is, or what your needs are, we can provide the right solution for its energy saving needs. We cater for domestic, business and commercial customers as well as large projects whether they are local, regional or even national.

Even if your energy saving project is unique and may require specially made equipment, we work with manufacturers, to design and manufacture the equipment, to meet your needs.

Whether your site has an existing power supply and you wish to reduce your energy consumption, to reduce your energy bills and comply with government directives, or you are planning a new build and wish to install the most suitable power supply and most energy efficient equipment, we can advise you, supply and install, manage and monitor the optimal  solution to your energy saving needs.



We supply our energy saving equipment with a 5 year guarantee and we provide maintenance free of charge during that guarantee period as long as you meet the guarantee conditions and the fault was not due to, outside interference, accidental, deliberate or malicious damage.

Should you wish to change your wiring or re-locate our equipment, we shall do that either free of charge or at cost depending on the circumstances and the reason for the re-location.



Although you will clearly see your savings reflected in your energy bills so would be easy to calculate the amount, we also supply our energy saving equipment with monitoring facilities to enable you to monitor those savings and see them in black and white.

We also monitor savings by regular contact with our customers and site visits when required. Should your energy needs change at any time and you are extending or changing your installation or wiring, we will advise you on the best ways to maintain the savings and either supervise the changes you are making or implement them ourselves should you require us to do so.

Project Management

We manage all types of single projects; small and large, from houses, shops, show rooms, office buildings, warehouses, car parks, supermarkets, factories and workshops  to  housing estates and housing and business building developments.

We undertake to manage all energy projects from planning to delivery, whatever type of energy is most desirable to you or suited to your energy requirement. Whether you would prefer to install energy saving equipment and/or a new or additional power supply or generation, we can manage your project to completion, whatever its size, and at any worldwide location.



Product Sourcing & Manufacture

As well as supplying our own energy saving equipment, we also work with major energy equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Whether you wish to install our energy saving equipment, you need a whole power station,  or you want to move over to a new renewable energy model, we are able to source out the most suitable product for your needs at the best price and the highest quality. Whether you wish to install a small energy source to power up a single house or a power station to supply a development or a whole area.

We work with recognised manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes of power stations whether they are traditionally powered stations or if you wish to move to renewable energy stations powered by wind, solar or water. We can source out the right product for you and manage the whole project from beginning to end.


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www.energysave.co.uk ..... TEL: 0141 552 3638 .....EMAIL: info@energysave.co.uk

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