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  Advanced Energy Saver (AES-PLUS)

  For Indoor Lighting

 The Optimal Indoor Energy Saving Solution



Picture is for illustration only. Actual enclosure design and look may differ from project  to project




LightSaver Advanced Energy Saver (AES-PLUS)is for saving energy in indoor lighting which include fluorescent, sodium, metal halide, halogen, tungsten or incandescent lamps. They are designed to give the best cost-performance values, ease of use and reliability to our customers. Our high performing products differ from competing products in quality, variety and features that put them ahead of their class in meeting various customers’ needs.

AES-PLUS has been tested and verified by TÜV SÜD PSB to be able to save 30% to 49%[1] of kWh energy saving for fluorescent lamps and HID lamps.

AES-PLUS support 2 saving levels together with no saving (i.e. full light) as compared to one saving level of other products. Each AES-PLUS unit supports both Fluorescent and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp types via a simple switch selection. All models are constructed using quality and high power efficient components. They do not introduce harmonics or affect power line quality and in fact improve the circuit’s power factor.

AES-PLUS is equipped with a microchip which automatically controls the power factor and correct it to maximize power thus optimizing energy, monetary and environmental savings

AES-PLUS energy saver is a single phase unit but 3 AES-PLUS units can be easily wired up for 4-wire 3-phase applications. For applications where it is not possible to mount AES-PLUS units to a wall, an optional free standing frame kit (FRK) can be used to floor mount up to 3 AES-PLUS units.

Standard Functions - AES-PLUS has many useful built-in as well as optional features. Standard features include power up full light warm up before saving, return to full light when under voltage (i.e. brownout), automatic bypass upon a critical system fault or failure, return to full light for ignition when bank of lights in saving circuit is switched on, etc. They are also designed to handle abnormal conditions of over current and under voltage.

One unique feature of AES-PLUS is the selectable energy saving taps. Each unit provides 4 different selectable saving taps (Low, Mid, Hi and Max) for user to choose and “tune” base on their local electrical conditions and saving needs.

Advanced Functions-Besides the standard basic saving operation, AES-PLUS is capable of more advanced functions for expanded scope of operations. It supports 4 useful built-in advanced modes of operations:-


      Basic Mode This simplest AES-PLUS “plug and play” mode automatically goes to saving mode after the warm up period upon power up.


      Direct Control Mode– In this mode, user can connect AES-PLUS to a low cost light on/off switch to control its pre-programmed saving levels or bypass saving (i.e. full power). Similarly, the unit can be connected to and control by an external timer, light sensor (for daylight harvesting), human sensor or Building/Energy Management System.


      Delay Timer Mode In this mode, user can configure the AES-PLUS to switch from one saving level to another (i.e. switching pattern. example: bypass to saving level 1 or saving level 1 to 2, etc) after a selectable time delay upon power up. There are several switching patterns to select from.


      Off Mode - In this mode, user can switch AES-PLUS off and return to full power bypassing the unit whenever they wish to do that for whatever reason

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 Advanced Energy Saver (AES3-PLUS)

  For Outdoor Lighting

  The Optimal Outdoor Energy Saving Solution


Picture is for illustration only. Actual enclosure design and look may differ from project  to project




LightSaver Advanced Energy Saver (AES-3PLUS)is a 3-phase unit for optimized intelligent energy saving for outdoor lighting installations which can be High Intensity Discharge lamps (High Pressure Sodium/HPS, Metal Halide/MH or Mercury Vapor/MV, etc) or fluorescent. Using AES-3PLUS will result in considerable lower electricity bill, reduced CO2 production and at the same time reduce lamp maintenance/replacement costs by prolonging the lives of the lamps.


AES-3PLUS units are available in a wide range of three phase VA capacities up to 69 kVA and other power capacity models and options can be customized upon request. It is designed to give the best cost-performance values - easy to use and support, safe, reliable and rugged for outdoor use. They are designed to give 30% to 49%[1] of energy saving without introducing any harmonic or affect power line quality during operation. All AES-3PLUS equipment is constructed using high quality, energy efficient components and undergoes rigorous functional and electrical safety testing and quality checks before shipment.


Equipment safety is a high priority and uncompromised requirement designed and built into every AES-3PLUS. Current overload, thermal overload and system failure protections are standard built-in features. Every AES-3PLUS unit also comes with automatic fail-safe contactor bypass and load-side surge protection. Automatic fail-safe bypass ensures direct supply to the lamp load in the unfortunate case when the equipment encounters a system failure. A built-in manual bypass switch in the equipment also allows an operator to locally perform a bypass if required. The load-side surge protection protects against secondary lighting surges on the load side where susceptible load side power lines may run for long distances and lamp posts are unprotected against lightning surges. Supply-side surge protection is an option.

Each AES-3PLUS provides 2 active saving levels and a non-saving electronic bypass. The 2 active saving levels can be independently selected from 4 selectable saving levels of LO, MID, HI and MAX for each electrical phase. Each unit also has a phase-independent built-in delay timer, which can be configured to perform a pre-programmed saving pattern and a termination interface for remote saving level control and equipment status monitoring. This interface can be optionally connected for many applications. For example, it can be connected to a 24-hour or 7-day timer to perform complex energy saving pattern. Alternatively it can be interfaced to a remote control and monitoring device like a wireless GSM/GPRS modem based I/O controller for remote control of its saving levels and monitoring of the its status.

APPLICATIONS: More Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Suitable places that should consider using AES-3PLUS include public light areas (avenues, pedestrian walkways, streets, roads, ring roads, roundabouts, bridges, etc), industrial areas, car parks, hospitals, ports, railway stations and even shopping centres, etc. All these places can enjoy the monetary and environmental saving benefits as previously mentioned when using AES-3PLUS for rational light level usage. 


Technical Specifications



AES Series


Ordering Number Prefix


Lamp Type Compatibility

fluorescent, HID (HPS sodium, MH metal halide, Hg vapour), Incandescent, Tungsten, Halogen

Selectable Saving Levels

4 Levels: LOW, MID, HIGH and MAX

Operating Saving Level(s)

2 selected Saving Levels and No Saving Bypass

Input Voltage Supply

220  or 230/240 VAC (single phase), ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Operating Temperature

-20 oC to +45 oC

Storage Temperature

-25 oC to +70 oC

Relative Humidity

5% to 95%, non-condensing

Operation Elevation

Up to 2,000 meters above sea level

Equipment Mounting

Wall mount


Natural air convection

Ingress Protection Class


VA & Current Capacity

(Single Phase Models)















Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

324 x 200 x 120/

364 x 215 x 140

364 x 215 x 140

586 x 376 (435 including  flanges) x 205

Approx. Weight (kg)








60,000 hours/less than 30 minutes

Control Input /Fault Output


Built-in Timer Operation


Local Panel Indicator(s)

Tri-colour Status LED

Design Compliance

IEC 62103/EN 50178, Safety Class I, Pollution degree 2, Over voltage category 3

EMC Design Compliance

EN 61000-6-3 (emission), EN 61000-6-2 (immunity)


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   Voltage Power Optimisers  (VPO)


   For Mains Electricity


  The Optimal Mains Energy Saving Solution

Picture is for illustration only. Actual enclosure design and look may differ from project  to project




Voltage Power Optimisers (VPO)

Our Voltage Power Optimiser's (VPO) main feature is its ability to optimise and improve the incoming voltage for a whole site and therefore reduces the energy you use. This reduces your energy bills and also improves the efficiency of your electrical equipment.

Our VPO units are designed to optimise the energy you receive at your premises, re-using and distributing wasted energy to give your equipment and appliances a constant stable stream of the energy they require to operate properly without wasting energy.  As well as saving you up to 22% of the energy you use to operate them, it also ensure that those equipment and appliances would run smoothly, reducing power surges and the stresses on them and therefore improving their performance and extending the life of their components which would give them a longer life.

We supply a range of Voltage Power Optimisers to meet the needs of smaller enterprises up to the largest industrial consumers. Our VPO2000 is also very suitable for residential customers where it could save up to 22% off electricity cost to operate house appliances and electronics as well as increasing their life. When it is combined with our Light Saver AES-PLUS which could save up to 49% off , they together could produce a combined overall average saving of 30% – 35 % of the household overall electricity bills. That is off course besides increasing the life of the household light bulbs by up to 25%, appliances and electronics by up to 20% which adds more value to your savings.

We install our VPO units where your electrical power supply enters your premises next to your circuit board. They are small in size and operate in total silence so they do not require making extra space for them or cause any inconvenience or disturbance to you. They would be there next to your circuit board working in silence saving you money without you even knowing or taking any notice. They would also make you feel good knowing that you are reducing your carbon emission and helping the environment. The best thing is you are doing it without even having to lift a finger!!!    


What does a Voltage Power Optimiser do?

  • Reduces energy usage and costs by up to 22% by optimising the electricity supply voltage.

  • Reduces carbon emissions by up to 22%.

  • Reduces your maximum overall demand by up to 15%

  • Protects electrical and electronic equipment from transient power.

  • Lowers maintenance and replacemt costs of your light bulbs & lamps, motors, machinery, electronics and other electrical equipment.

  • Improves power quality and substantially improves your power factor.

  • Lowers operating temperatures of your motors and lighting giving you a cooler lighting which enhances your living or workinh environment.

  • Prolongs the life of tour electrical components through reduced voltage and electrical stresses.

  • Reduces phase voltage imbalance improving the efficiency of AC motors.

  • Suppresses harmonics that can damage sensitive electronic equipment, improves HV to LV transformer efficiency and keeps you inside G5/4 requirements.

  • Reduces reactive power by 45%


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  Total Energy Control (TEC)

  Heating Energy control processors

  The Optimal Heating Energy Saving Solution

Picture is for illustration only. Actual enclosure design and look may differ from project  to project



TEC Heating Management


Energy Save offers advanced, micro-processor based boiler management and warm air control systems which utilise and combine time proven techniques and modern data processing to intelligently control central heating boilers/burners and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The systems use Variable Thermal Response to intelligently manage the boiler and ensure it economically, and efficiently meets the performance requirements of the heating system. It takes account of all changeable factors including level of demand, boiler flow and return temperatures, external and internal temperatures.

Other features include temperature compensation, on/off optimisation, frost protection, night time controls, hot water priority and temperature control, multi boiler step control and sequencing, digital programming, security coding and bypass facility.

From the smallest of domestic properties to the largest of commercial and industrial complexes requiring remote access and data storage / retrieval, Energy Save can provide the intelligent solution.

We have  an array of intelligent technologies to help you save money, save energy and save the environment. Wewill install units that will regulate the supply of electricity, gas and oil within your energy distribution system and you will see the savings every month on your utility bill.


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DESIGNER Radiators


   Designer Radiators

   Energy Saving

   Customisable, Personalised Designs


Picture is for illustration only. Actual design will be personalised



Varme Kilden Radiators

Once installed pipes and valves are not visible. Access to the thermostat is, through a special adaptor mounted on the inside of the radiators.

Thanks to their unique internal design, the water which runs through the radiant plates will always travel the same distance, between entry and exit, resulting in even heating of the radiator shell for optimum efficiency.

Please view more information below.


They look like paintings, they are


They look like furniture, they are


They do not appear to be elements for heating but they are!



This slideshow, shows some of the radiator designs it is possible to create, you can have them a plain colour to fit in with your colour scheme, or have a design/ photo/ or other artwork, even your company logo,  printed on them, so they are totally unique to you.



How do the radiant plates save fuel?

The human body regulates core body temperature, e.g. "producing heat, or removing it"

In order to stay comfortable some of the heat must be dispersed, this can be achieved by conduction, convection or radiation.

When the body dispels too much heat, we feel COLD, and start to shiver, if the body dispels too little heat we feel HOT and start to sweat.

The heating engineers are preoccupied with maintaining optimum comfort zone curve, in accordance with Bedford - Bachman.

A traditional convection system is unable to effectively raise the core wall temperature. As a result comfort zone is attained by heating the air instead. this method is highly inefficient. The air has to be continually heated to maintain a comfort zone.

The most efficient way to heat the room is to raise the temperature of the walls, solids have a specific heat capacity, this allows the walls to accumulate energy, in the form of heat and decrease the temperature difference between our bodies and the walls. Subsequently, the transfer of heat from our bodies to the surroundings is decreased.

The perception of comfort is dependent on the AIR TEMPERATURE, and MIDDLE RADIANT TEMPERATURE, e.g. the surface temperature that surrounds the body, moving from the shade to the sunshine, this creates an immediate feeling of warmth.

This means it is not the air temperature alone which determines the heating - infrared radiation plays a major part. This type of heat transfer is different from CONDUCTION and CONVECTION, and is essentially an electromagnetic phenomenon.

Infrared radiation does not require particle to particle contact to be transmitted ( unlike conduction or convection) therefore it can pass through a vacuum.

Properties of Infrared radiation

1. IR waves travel in a straight line, in all directions

2. IR waves travel through a vacuum

3. IR waves are not absorbed by air

4. IR waves are absorbed by solid matter, IR waves make the particles within the matter to vibrate, thus producing heat .





• Maintenance free



Varme Kilden

The heating systems that rely on convection (heaters) or forced (fan-|coil|) exhibit "thermal stratification" with a temperature gradient of about 1.8°c for every meter of height. In a 3 meter high room the temperature difference, between between the floor and ceiling of approximately 5.5°C.


With the radiant system from Energy Save the temperature difference is reduced approximately 0.5°C per meter, e.g. the same 3 meter high room the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling will be approximately 1.5°c.


In a house heated with VARME KILDEN irradiator system, there is a marked reduction of the temperature gradient which decreases the amount of thermal output required to maintain an ambient temperature.


There is an almost total absence of dust in suspension, which is in complete inversion to a normal convective heating system where dust continually remains suspended in the air.


For these reasons if we can say THE HEAT TRANSMITTED BY IRRADIATION MEANS COMFORT and Saving ENERGY and saving MONEY AT THE SAME TIME and looking after the ENVIRONMENT in which WE LIVE IN, WE would have ALL ACHIEVED OUR GOAL.



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We are now working with large designers, manufacturers and suppliers and will soon be able to commission a wide range of renewable energy equipment and tools from solar panels and wind turbines to wave and tidal turbines and generators 

Turbines and solar panels will be available in all sizes and at all scales to accommodate the needs of all project sizes from small installations such as homes, shops, small buildings, etc to large buildings and sites and even towns and villages. We will undertake all sizes of installations and projects from a single solar panel or a small wind turbine to meet the energy need of a house or a small building to powering large projects and even commissioning a whole power station to supply a city, a region or to feed into the national grid.



These will be available in the traditional type of a standard Wind Turbine and also in the new designs of WindJets which are more ornamental in their appearance, providing a focal point for your property. We can commission all sizes and capacities of Wind Turbines and WindJets which are more efficient with their striking modern designs just like an attractive piece of modern art rising above or on the side of your property like works of art enhancing its appearance.




We are able to supply and install solar power panels from a single or a few panels for the home or a small building to commissioning an entire power station of any magnitude; small or large.

Home                                                                                     Industrial




Scottish companies have been some of the first and leading pioneers of utilising wave and tidal power to generate clean renewable energy. We are able to commission such projects of various sizes should that be more suited to your energy needs, your geography and environment.






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