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We all use lighting, appliances, electrical equipment and electronics in our homes and workplaces whatever type they may be. Offices, industry, businesses, commerce, hospitals, educational institutions and the retail sector are all high users of fluorescent and other discharge lighting. Whatever the size of your premises or site, we have a system to fit its needs. We provide a range of systems to suit all sites, to produce significant energy savings under almost any conditions. Our AES systems offer an enormous opportunity to simply reduce unnecessary power consumption and reduce the energy costs to your home or business.

Our VPO systems will also reduce the energy required to operate appliances, machinery, motors. electronics and other equipment, saving you money, reducing carbon emission and also enhancing their performance and extending their life.

Technical Information

Independent electrical auditors have tested our systems in the workplace and compared power consumption before and after connecting our systems. Using 39 x 40 watt fluorescent lamps, the auditors confirmed that the current required to operate the lamps was reduced by more than 35% with no loss in lighting levels.

Our systems in many buildings with varying lighting types have shown significant savings of between 30 - 49 %  when applied to fluorescent lighting.  Our AES systems however, may produce lesser levels of savings when used with high frequency lighting or lighting controlled by an electronic ballast.

In new installations where fluorescent lighting is required, our systems combined with conventional magnetic ballast fluorescent lighting will show significant cost reduction and performance advantages over high frequency fluorescent lighting, and our systems generates no harmonics. The saving at some sites which use fluorescent lighting with conventional magnetic ballast in some cases, exceeded 49%.

Our VPO systems can also save you up to 25% of the energy running cost of your appliances, machinery and other equipment. By combining our AES systems for lighting with our VPO systems for appliances and machinery, you will optimise your savings and give a longer life to your lighting, appliances, machinery and other equipment and operate them efficiently and smoothly.   

Install our systems and start making savings. The saving is immediate and will reflect in your next energy bill meaning  your contribution to helping the environment is also immediate.

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www.energysave.co.uk ..... TEL: 0141 552 3638 .....EMAIL: info@energysave.co.uk

Examples of energy savings achieved on lighting using AES at various businesses in the UK


A few of the UK companies which have benefited from our systems

Business type Lighting type Estimated  Savings Celtic Football Club Parkhead Glasgow
Offices Sodium 34.29% Smurfit-Stone
Offices Fluorescent 33.00% Farm Foods
Offices Fluorescent 31.00% Carlisle Council
Multi-storey car park Fluorescent/sodium 36.86% ID Purchasing Nursing Homes
Multi-storey car park Fluorescent 42.99% Foxley Nursing Homes
Hospital Fluorescent 36.00% Auto Cruisers
Sorting hall Sodium 32.50% Bonanza Wholesale Fashions
Leisure centre Metal halide 31.30%  BTS Engineering
Plant Fluorescent 47.00% Phillip Langs Cycles
Shop floor Fluorescent 34.25% Wings Aero Space
 Shop floor Metal halide 39.00%

Stores Fluorescent 41.00%
Sales floor Fluorescent 36.47%
Offices/garage Fluorescent 33.96%
Showrooms/offices Fluorescent 37.00%
Factory & offices Fluorescent 30.80%
Factory  Fluorescent 35.00%
Factory Mercury vapour 36.50%
Factory Sodium 30.38%
Factory Hi Bay metal halide 33.00%
Factory Metal halide 47.69%
Factory Fluorescent 52.67%
Warehouse Sodium 37.00%
Warehouse Metal halide 49.27%
Warehouse Fluorescent 40.00%









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www.energysave.co.uk ..... TEL: 0141 552 3638 .....EMAIL: info@energysave.co.uk

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